Privacy Policy

Your right to privacy is very important. We recognise that when you choose to provide us with information about yourself, you trust us to act in a responsible manner. We believe this information should only be used to help us provide you with better service. That is why we have put a policy in place to protect your personal information. Our company, Symphony Suites Hotel collects, stores and handles your personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) and the laws of Malaysia.

Below is a summary of our policy. Please read this Privacy Statement to understand how we use the information that we may collect from you.

By providing your personal information to us, you’re consenting to this Privacy Statement and the collection, uses, access, transfers, storages and processing of your personal information as described in this Privacy Statement.

  1. What kind of Personal Information do we collect
  2. For us to provide you with our products and services and to operate in an effective manner, we need to collect the relevant personal information from you. The personal information collected by us may include (but is not limited to) the following:

    • Contact information such as Name, Date of Birth, Identification, travelling documentations (including NIRC or Passport number), gender, nationality, race, country of residence, current private address, telephone or mobile number, fax number and email addresses.
    • Your credit card information or your bank account details, your associated billing addresses and expiration dates.
    • Your flight information or details, necessary information to facilitate your travel or other services, including travel companion names, emergency contacts.
    • Personal information provided via survey, contest, competition or other marketing efforts. Information provided to our customer service representatives to help resolve issues, questions, booking assistance and when lodging a complain.
    • We also collect information via our website when you subscribe to our newsletters.
  3. How do we collect your information
  4. We may collect your personal information from you when:
    • You communicate with us via emails and calls to our customer service centre
    • You register or subscribe to our websites and newsletters
    • You make a booking with us
    • You participate in any of our surveys, contest, competitions, loyalty programmes run and organized by us
    • You visit us at our travel fairs
    • You provide your feedbacks to us
  5. How do we use the information collected
  6. We generally use your information for administrative purposes. Example: processing, confirming, fulfilling, arranging and completing your bookings, request and transactions for our services.

    We would also use your information for the purposes of billing and accounting, security, marketing information, customer relations and also to help us improve and help us in any future engagements with you.

    We would also use your emails that has been provided with your consent, to send you marketing updates, booking confirmation, booking enquiries.

  7. How do we protect your privacy
  8. We take extra care when dealing with your personal information and we will take the appropriate steps to protect your privacy.
    • Credit card and bank details are used only for payments
    • We do not share or sell any of the information that you have provided us via our channels to any other companies or individuals without your permission
  9. How do we manage children/ kids privacy
  10. Children under the age of 18 are requested to not submit, post or share your information with us, without parent’s or guardian’s consent.

    Information of children under the age of 18 would only be collected to process bookings of flights, hotels, packages, activities, cruises and other travel services we provide. Information should only be provided by the parent or guardian. Information that we would collect would be: name, age, date of birth, travelling documents and supporting travelling documents.

  11. What are cookies and how do we use them
  12. The usage of cookies on our website is in no way linked to any personally identifiable information. Cookies are purely used for programming purposes. We use them as a mechanism to remember the information that is selected from one page to another.

    This will allow you to leave the page with information selected and come back later, and still have the page that we were looking at intact. If you switch off the cookies, you would still be able to browse the site without any problems.

    For security reasons, your credit card information would not be saved or remembered. You would need to key in the credit card number each time you make a purchase.

  13. Updates to the Privacy statement
  14. We would amend this privacy statement from time to time according to the laws. The updated version shall apply and supercede all the previous versions. Do check out our website for our most updated practices.

  15. How to contact us
  16. Should you have any enquiries, request, concerns or complaints in regards to this Privacy Statement, kindly contact us at:

    No. 41, Lapangan Symphony Business Park Jalan Lapangan Symphony, Ipoh, Perak
    Telephone: +(60) 5-312 2288