Symphony Rewards

What is Symphony Membership Rewards?

It is a Membership which enables a member to earn points based on qualified, materialized and paid accommodation, which can then be redeemed for Rewards. This membership rewards is dedicated to all Regular Guests who continuously supports Symphony Suites Hotel Ipoh.

Who is eligible to be a Symphony Member?

Regular Guests and Corporate Companies

How does a guest apply to be a Symphony Member?

Kindly fill up our membership form here.

Terms & Conditions
    1. Program Term. This is a yearly renewal program.
    2. Membership. Membership in the Program enables a member to earn points based on qualified, materialized and paid accommodation, which can then be redeemed for rewards in accordance with the program terms and Conditions herein.
    3. Conditions. To be eligible for Membership Program, the following conditions must be met:
      1. The member must be an Individual or corporate booker, meaning that the member must be an individual who books guest a rooms in the hotel.
      2. The member must be at least 18 years of age.
    4. Exclusions. All employees of Symphony Suites Hotel, and Travel Agents are not allowed to participate in this FIT (free independent travellers) program.
    5. Registration Process. Upon registration, member will be sent a login and password by email. Upon receipt of this information, member must confirm permission of his or her employer to enrol into and benefit from the Program. Member shall ensure that all information provided in the registration form is accurate at the point of submission.
    6. Change of Details. Members who booked under employers from corporate companies or booker himself / herself must update their contact details to the reservation or the front desk staffs, if there's any changes.
    1. Award of Points. Points are awarded to members and added to their account for materialized bookings which have been paid in full.1 Room = 1 Points.
    2. Membership Number. The membership number must be provided to the Reservation Personnel when making a booking in order to earn any points for the booking. No backdating of points request will be entertained.
    3. Points Adjustments. Members must contact the Hotel within 90 days from the date of stay if there are any discrepancies in the claimed points.
    4. Points Transfers. The points credited are not transferable to any other account.
    1. Conversion of Points. One (1) room night equivalent to 1 points.
    2. Redeeming Points for Rewards. Members may redeem their points at the front desk rewards or go online at to download the Rewards Claim Form. Members must have the required number of points in their account prior to redeeming points for rewards. Symphony Suites Hotel reserves the right to delete, add, modify, or substitute rewards or award selections in this Program at any time.
    3. Points Have No Value. Points are not redeemable for cash or any other form of credit and have no value until presented for redemption in accordance with the Program terms and conditions. Points have no fixed or ascertainable cash value.
    4. Validity of Points. Points will expire at the end of the Program and the points shall be valid for redemption within 30 days from the end of the Program term. Any unused points therefore will lapse upon expiry.
    1. Rewards. The Rewards under the Program are subject to availability. Symphony Suites Hotel does not guarantee or warrant that any or all of the Rewards will be available at any time and Symphony Suites Hotel reserves the right to withdraw, cancel, change, or suspend at its sole discretion at any time and without notice any of the Rewards from the Program.
    1. Termination of Membership by Member. Members may cancel their membership by written notice to the Hotel. Members will have 30 days from the receipt of notice of termination to redeem their points. All unredeemed points will be forfeited after this date.
    2. Lapsed Accounts. Any account which remains inactive for 12 consecutive months will be deemed to have expired and any unredeemed or unclaimed points will be void. Members may re-activate their lapsed account, but the previous points balance will not be re-instated.
    1. Data Protection. Any personal information (including but not limited to a member’s name, mailing address, telephone number and email address) provided by a member to Symphony Suites Hotel, either when applying for membership of the Program or by continuing to exercise the privileges of membership of the Program, will be stored electronically and used for the administration of the Program. In order for Symphony Suites Hotel to fulfill their obligations under the Program, the member accepts and consents to the fact that personal information may be transferred worldwide to any third parties with which Symphony Suites Hotel are affiliated within the scope of the Program or to third parties to process the personal information on Symphony Suites Hotel’s behalf or where required by applicable law or in the event of a company re-organisation, merger or acquisition for use of such information for the administration of membership records, guest services, advertising, marketing and communication purposes.
    2. Communication to Members. Symphony Suites Hotel may contact members for marketing purposes by mail, fax, telephone or email.

Quote your award code below to redeem your rewards.

Rate Table & Point Redemption

Category Points
1 night stay in Deluxe Suites 30
1 night stay in Deluxe Family Room 40
1 night stay in Executive Suites 40
1 night stay in Premier Suites 50
1 night stay in 2 Bedroom Suites 80
Items Points
RM 50.00 Cash Voucher for F&B 10
RM 50.00 Cash Voucher for Member's Birthday 10
Free upgrading to next category 5

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1How can I apply for Symphony Rewards Loyalty Program?
Simple fill up a membership form located at our Reception area. Symphony Rewards Card will be issued immediately. Anyone above 21 years old will be eligible to sign up.
2Can I apply for the membership online?
You may make a booking online for your room and sign up for the Membership upon arrival.
3Is there any Membership Fees involved?
No, is completely free of charge.
4How long is the membership valid?
Membership Card validity is yearly.
5Is the any expiration date for the points accumulated?
The points validity will follow the validity of the membership card.
6Is there any other perks when we sign up this membership programme?
7Can I still enjoy corporate rates after I signed up for Membership programme?
Yes. We will also award points for our loyal corporate clients based on total invoiced amount. (On basis of Room night stay = 1 Symphony Rewards Point)
8Can I use my membership card immediately after application?
Yes. You may use the card for points accumulation the moment you receive your Symphony Rewards Card.
9How are points awarded?
The Points are awarded based on invoiced amount of the final bill. Room night stay = 1 Symphony Rewards Point.
10How can I redeem the points in my Membership Card?
You may use the points in the membership card to redeem room stay according to our schedule for redemption. Points may also be used to upgrading for hotel corporate room night stays.
11Can I still accumulate points without bringing my card in physical?
Yes. We can trace your membership number using your name or NRIC.
12Can I still redeem my points without bringing my card in physical?
Yes, you may fill up the redemption form of Symphony Rewards to redeem the points.
13Can my friends or family members use my card on my behalf?
Yes, you may book the rooms to gain the points.
14When will the points be accumulated / credited into my Membership Card?
We take 2 days after check out for the points to be credited into your Membership Card.
15Can my card be used on multiple occasions on the same day?
Yes. If you have booked more than 1 room on the same day, then your card will be used for more than 1 occasion for points accumulation. This is also provided that the rooms are reserved and checked in under the same card holder's name.
16Can I use my card to accumulate another room that is not registered under my name?
No. The points accumulation can only be done provided the room is checked in under your name.
17Can I combine multiple card points and use it for redemption?
No. Points cannot be combined using multiple cards for redemption.
18Can the points in my Membership card be exchangeable for Cash?
No. The Points in the Membership Card accumulate points can only be used to offset your room stays and Symphony Café only to offset the bill. It cannot be used to exchange for cash.
19If I were to book a room online, can I use my membership card?
Yes. You can use your membership card for point accumulation provided you are already an existing membership card holder. Please present Symphony Rewards Priority Card upon check in for point accumulation.
20Can the membership points accumulation and redemption be used in conjunction with in house promotion?
No. Membership Point accumulation and redemption will only be based on regular rates excluding any other in house promotions.
21How can I check my balance points?
You may check your balance points by sending an email enquiry to Alternatively, you may also log onto our official website click on membership tab. Enter your card number to check on points balance.
22What happens if I misplaced my membership card?
You may apply for a new card without charges. However, transfer of points from existing card to current card.
23If I have other Membership enquiries, to whom can I direct them to?
You may write us an email to: We will reply your enquiries in 1 working day. Alternatively, you may refer to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section found on our official website for quick answers.

How Do I Apply?

Kindly fill up the membership form below, and we will be pleased to contact you at the soonest opportunity.
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